Florida Macaroni KID Publisher Hosts First Event, and Breaks Records

Savannah Kater has been publisher of Macaroni KID Daytona Beach for a year

By Kara Murphy January 14, 2023

Savannah Kater held her first event — a story reading by a local author at an organic farm and sanctuary — almost exactly a year after becoming publisher of Macaroni KID Daytona Beach, Fla. The event's success showed her the impact she could make on both families and other entrepreneurs and business owners in her community.

"The power of Macaroni KID made a huge impact on this farm and author," she said. 

Savannah wrote on her Macaroni KID Daytona Beach site about the New Year's Day event, which she called "the Holiday Hunt at Parsley Lane Farm":

One hundred fifty local children and their parents gathered at Parsley Lane Farm for an educational, open-air, hands-on event. ...With a record number of local families in and out of the farm for the day, it was a wonderful morning had by all, filled with energy, smiles, and learning; the perfect way to end 2022 and begin the new year!

See more pictures and read Savannah's full article about the event.

Hosting events is just one of the many perks of being a Macaroni KID publisher. A publisher's primary focus is to provide parents the scoop on the best things to do and places to go with kids in their hometown through their Macaroni KID website and weekly newsletter. 

But now that Savannah has hosted one great event ... she's gotten the bug!

"The farm gained a ton of new followers and friends, and the local author sold the most books she's ever sold," she said. 

Savannah joined Macaroni KID as a publisher in October 2021.

Savannah Kater

"It's taken me about a year to build up my website," she said. And now that she's learned she likes hosting events too? 

"This year is going to be my year to make it happen," she said. "I’m feeling extra blessed to be a Macaroni KID publisher today."

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